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Water Purification & Seaweed Bed Formation
with CarbonFiber

MiraCarbon is registered in the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) Sustainable Technology Promotion Platform(STePP). 
New update on 【N2O reduction from Wastewater treatment facility by the CarbonFiber method.】 
2018 CFMA meeting and CarbonFiber Technology for Water Use Seminar 
  ●Date: 2018, November, 30th ●Location: Viento Takasaki
2017 CFMA meeting and CarbonFiber Technology for Water Use Seminar 
  ●Date: 2017, November, 28th ●Location: Viento Takasaki
Water purification material MiraCarbon is authorized as water treatment material for public institution in Russia. 
Contributing to "Material Stage January issue" features 【New use of CarbonFiber】 (PDF) 
2016 CFMA meeting and CarbonFiber Technology for Water Use Seminar 
  ●Date: 2016, November, 25th ●Location: Viento Takasaki
CarbonFiber Technology for water use at Tokyo International Conference on African Development V
Water purification mechanism of CarbonFiber absorbing microorganisms was proved scientifically
    ●Environmental Science & Technology

Exhibiting CarbonFiber technology at the "Vibrant Japan" Exhibition to mark
  the 40th anniversary of the normalization of diplomatic relations between Japan and China.
  ●Exhibition of the "Vibrant Japan in Beiging" (PDF)
Water Purification Project in East Lake with Wuhan University, China (PDF).
【COP17 (The 17th Conference of the Parties )】 CarbonFiber Technology for water use  
 on display in the Japan Pavilion of the Side Events as fine Japanese environmental technology
  ●Date: 2011, November 28th - December 9th ●Location: Durban, South Africa
  For participation in "CarbonFiber Technology for Water Use Seminar" Click here
CFMA approved『CarbonFiber Water Purification Material, MiraCarbon』 as inclusive product 
CFMA approved 『Method of MiraCarbon for Water Use』 as inclusive method

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