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FAQ of CarbonFiber

Water quality purification using CarbonFiber is economical and effective method. And it is low environmental impact. Active biofilm are formed by high bioaffinity of CarbonFiber, and its microorganisms decompose contaminants. On the other hand, biosonic radiates from CarbonFiber activate microorganisms and gather fishes.CarbonFiber exercises seaweed bed function.

What is CarbonFiber ?

  •  CarbonFiber is a “fibrous carbon substance having a fine graphite crystal structure” which is manufactured by carbonizing acryl fibers by a special heat treatment process.
    (Polyacrylonitrile (PAN) type)
  •  CarbonFiber is generally said to be a “light, strong, corrosion-resistant” advanced functional material.
     It is widely used in diverse applications, taking advantage of its combination of properties as a lightweight materials with excellent mechanical properties, and its excellent properties as a carbon material.
    ○ Specific strength (tensile strength/specific weight): 10x that of steel.
    ○ Specific modulus (tensile modulus of elasticity/specific weight):7x that of steel.
    ○ Applications: Aircraft, automobiles, reinforcing material
       for concrete structures, fishing rods, golf clubs, etc.
  • > CarbonFibers for use as a water purification materials are given a special surface treatment to cause the fibers to expand in water.
  •  CarbonFibers for water purification consist of clusters (bundles) of 12,000 ultra-fine, 7μm filaments.

Functions of CarbonFiber

 Function of Water Purification
  • Pollutants in water are adsorbed on the large surface area of the CarbonFibers.
  • At the same time, microorganisms in the water are attracted and fixed.
  • Due to their high biocompatibility, the CarbonFibers form an active microorganism film and become a habitat for the microorganisms.
  • The microbial film sways in the water, capturing and decomposing pollutants.
    → Water purification.
  • The microorganisms are activated, attracting fish and creating a habitat for egg-laying and the growth of young fish. → Formation of seaweed bed.
  • Effects include water purification, preservation of the ecosystem, and securing biodiversity.

When immersed in water, a water-soluble sizing agent dissolves, and the filaments unravel and spread.

Pollutants are adsorbed and microorganisms are fixed on the large surface area of the CarbonFiber.

Bio film
( radical sludge)
(microscope photo)

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 Mechanism of Water Purification

Swaying of the CarbonFibers causes movement
of the water and decomposition of pollutants.
Main nutrients and metabolism products
of microorganisms in microbial film.

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Water Purification Effects

 Water quality purification using CarbonFiber is effective in improvement of transparency in a short time, decrease COD and BOD, and purification of TN and TP.

Removal rate of water quality purification using CarbonFiber items(%)
items river lake sewage
 biological oxygen demand (BOD) 50~70 20~90 90~95
 suspended solid (SS) 50~70 20~90 90~95
 total nitrogen (TN) 10~30 10~30 30~70
 total phosphorus (TP) 10~50 30~90 30~50

 Possible Fields of Application of CarbonFiber
  • Environmental water (rivers, lakes and marshes, ponds, sea water)
  • City sewage (human excreta purification tanks, advanced wastewater treatment tanks)
  • Factory organic wastewater (food, brewing, chemical industries)
  • Livestock organic wastewater (excreta, milking)
  • Residential wastewater, kitchen wastewater

 Features of Water Purification by CarbonFiber
  ● Advantages of Water Purification by CarbonFiber
   ・Fast organic matter decomposition treatment rate by activation of microorganisms.
   ・Minimal generation of excess sludge, and minimal peeling off of attached matter.
   ・Large denitrification and dephosphorization effects.
   ・High suspended particle capture effect.
   ・Low installation cost, easy maintenance control, and no running costs.

  ● Points Requiring Consideration in Water Purification by CarbonFiber
   ・Difficult to produce effects in environments with few microorganisms, and time is required.
    → Countermeasure: Seed microorganisms
   ・Effect is reduced by deposits of excess sludge, e.g., skeletons of microorganisms, etc.
    → Countermeasure: Maintenance control
   ・Aerobic bacteria are not activated in oxygen-poor environments.
    → Countermeasure: Aeration equipment
   ・When no water flow exists, purification is not possible because pollutants do not come into contact
    with microorganisms.
    → Countermeasure: Circulating water flow
   ・When a large amount of pollutants is adsorbed, time is required for decomposition.
    → Countermeasure: Maintenance control

   ”Large effects are achieved by activation of microorganisms
                              with appropriate oxygen and water flow.”

 Features of Microorganism Groups Fixed on CarbonFiber
  • Microorganism fixing rate is fast, and the amount fixed is large.
  • Deposited microorganisms resist peeling off, and at the same time,their activity is high.
  • Within the groups of microorganisms deposited on the fibers, the aerobic microorganism phase and anaerobic microorganism phase exist in a well-dispersed state.
  • Microorganisms with high bulk are deposited on the CarbonFiber bundles.A type of pump motion in the moving water and swaying of the CarbonFiber bundles causes mass transfer and accelerates the decomposition of pollutants.
  • The range of effect is expanded by the coexistence of a microorganism multiplication action, which is due to sound waves emitted by carbon in an early stage in the initial phase of deposition of aerobic bacteria, with groups of microorganisms.

 Amount of CarbonFiber Installed

 The amount installed is calculated based on various conditions, including the shape of the water area, water depth, water quality, flow  velocity, residence time, etc.

Location of installation Purpose Amount of CarbonFiber g/m³
Pond, lake/marsh, sea Water purification 10~100
River Water purification 100~200
Sewage/factory wastewater Water purification 200~600
Pond, lake/marsh, sea Seaweed bed formation 10~200


Water purification and the formation seaweed bed using CarbonFiber are patent technology.
Please consult with us about using CarbonFiber for a business purpose.

【3331372】 Carbon fiber-based artificial seaweed bed and carbon fiber-based artificial   
          seaweed bed system made by combining plural kinds of carbon fiber-based
          artificial seaweed

【3328700】 Waste water cleaning method

【3080567】 Artificial seaweed bed formation

【2954509】 Contact filter media in water treatment system of contact oxidation method

CFMA Certification system

Carbon Fiber Make Water Method Association certifies for CarbonFiber water purification
material and method and seaweed bed formation method.
More information: CFMA certification system

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