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Purification Plan
For Rivers
Influx Water Purification Facility
Separation Method
For Lakes and Marshes
For Sea Water Areas
 Purification Plan

Direct Purification Methods for Enviromental water

  ● Direct Purification Methods for Rivers

Main stream installation method

Contact pond installation method

  ● Influx Water Purification Facility

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  ● Separation Method

   ● Considerations in separation type purification facilities
    ∙ Aeration by drop or mechanical method
    ∙ Microorganism maintenance control, activated sludge
    ∙ Adjustment of intake flow rate and holding time

River Separation Method – Direct Purification Facility

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  ● Direct Purification Methods for Lakes and Marshes

   ● Considerations in case of closed water bodies
    ∙ Cause motion of the carbon fiber by water flows.
    ∙ Place polluted water in contact with microbial film on carbon fibers.
    ∙ Installation of aeration equipment in case of oxygen-poor conditions.
    ∙ In cases where there is no water flow oxygen, time is required.

Intake water method

In-pond circulation method

In-pond individual device method

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  ● Direct Purification Methods for Sea Water Areas

Carbon Fiber water purification system for sea water area

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